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Boundaries And Assertiveness Skills Group For Women

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Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You have difficulty communicating your wants and needs directly.
  • You people please to avoid conflict and rejection
  • You say yes to more tasks than you can handle
  • You feel resentful when others don’t do what you expect even though you didn’t communicate it.
  • Your difficulty communicating honestly and directly creates unwanted consequences for you.
  • You find yourself in unhealthy relationships


  • You tend to shut down or have an anger outburst rather than communicate effectively.
  • You’ve been told your words are hurtful or abrasive.
  • Your communication style is negatively impacting your relationships.

Communication is learned behavior, and it’s likely that you have been following a communication style that you’ve learned early on. The good news is that we can gain an understanding of how we have been communicating while also learning more effective ways of doing so. It’s never too late to learn!

Learn to

  • Manage your emotions, so you can communicate more calmly
  • Stop shutting down or stop blowing up
  • Show respect and care for others when you communicate
  • Learn to speak up assertively
  • Learn to stay no
  • Stop being a people pleaser
  • Stop getting taken advantage of
  • Start respecting yourself
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