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Group Counseling Services

At Zion Restoration Counseling Services, we love groups! If you've ever participated in group counseling, you know what a powerful experience it can be! In group, participants find support and receive feedback from group members who have had similar experiences. Group counseling is an opportunity to learn new coping skills and try on new behaviors in a safe setting.

Group therapy can help with a variety of issues, and can often-times be life-changing than just individual work. The sense of belongingness, the connections you make with others who have a shared experience, and the support you give to and get from the group members can truly be inspiring.

Group therapy is a valuable opportunity to participate in a structured, supportive, weekly program led by a licensed therapist. A therapy group provides a chance for you to practice skills in real life interactions, helping you to gain confidence as you look at certain situations in a new and different way.

Group Therapy Online

Our groups are offered online at this time and are very similar to virtual meetings. If you use Zoom or another online platform to do work-related meetings, online group therapy may be more comfortable for you. You can join our online group by using your smartphone, or a computer with a microphone and camera.

Our groups are conducted over a secure video platform and make it as easy for you to join and feel comfortable.

Groups may be time-limited or ongoing, depending on the needs of the participants, and are usually comprised of six to ten people who are hoping to develop specific skills or work on common issues. While group therapy initially seems intimidating, research has shown that group members can benefit in ways that are different from individual therapy.

FAQs about Group Therapy

Q: Who will be in my group?

We carefully screen each potential group member to make sure that everyone is a good fit for the. This is done through an initial Group Screening/Intake appointment that you'll set up with our scheduling coordinator, between yourself and the group facilitator. All of our groups are geared towards a particular topic(s) or category of person, so we make sure upfront that the group is right for you.

Q: Will I have to talk?

To get the most transformative experience a group member is encouraged to participate in whatever way is most meaningful. The group facilitator will help create a safe and supportive group environment where you feel comfortable participating so you can get the most out of your group experience.

Q: Is group counseling confidential?

Absolutely. At the start of each group, we discuss "group rules" that all group members agree to abide by. One of those rules is confidentiality, and that everything talked about in the group, stays in the group. Group members who do not follow these rules may be asked to leave.

Q:  How much does group therapy cost?

Groups are between $40-$55 per group session, and there is a $55 initial Group Screening/Intake appointment so you can get to know your group facilitator and we can make sure you're in the right group. Some of our groups are 6-10 sessions long, and some are open-ended, meaning that you can stay for longer than 8 sessions. Research shows that a minimum of 8 sessions is the ideal length of time for you to get benefits from group therapy. The total cost for 8 sessions of the group plus the initial screening/intake appointment is between $375.00 to 605.00.