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Family Counseling

Families can experience complex challenges and issues. An objective third-party who understands the stress that occurs in light of these challenges and the associated strains during different stages of life can be a critical part of the healing process.

It can be hard to navigate today’s stressors, including school demands, changes in the family and peer dynamics, and the negative influence of social media. Self-doubt and a lack of certainty about the future can damage relationships between family members.

We specialize in repairing familial ties and addressing problems such as:

  • Depression, anxiety and panic attacks
  • Stress (including post-traumatic)
  • Social and performance anxiety
  • Low self-esteem issues
  • Self-injury
  • Separation and divorce in families

The family is a system in which everyone plays a distinct role in the progress of the family unit. Unfortunately, there are times when family members can develop negative patterns. Family therapy can build healthy coping mechanisms, encourage problem-solving, and increase communication skills. Family therapy can ultimately result in creating positive changes within the family system.