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Counseling for Children

Is your amazing little person experiencing behavior issues? If your child is exhibiting irritability, refusal to cooperate, lack of concentration, hyper-vigilance, hyperactivity, bossiness, tattling, lying, and stealing it can and indication of an underlying problem.

Children often lack the verbal and emotional regulation skills needed to express their feelings. Combine the difficulty to express emotions with guilt, shame and fear that comes from believing something may have been their fault, and you have a hurting child.

Children who struggle at school may be absent more often and/or prone to suspensions, academic struggles, difficulty making friends, and behavior problems.

Child Therapy enters the child’s world to help him/her identify and process grief, work through trauma issues, express feelings, and develop new coping skills. 

How we can you and your child:

Our experienced child therapists specialize in working with children because they get it! You will find us to be supportive, non-judgmental, and pragmatic. Each family is different and we help you find solutions that fit you and your unique situation.

Our skilled Children’s therapist utilizes therapeutic methods that include child-directed play, sand tray, art, storytelling, and a variety of other creative, expressive modalities. 

We work with parents every step of the way, you are included in the process of creating changes that will help you to feel connected to your child and able to meet their needs. When our children are doing well we feel good about our parenting and ability to support our children.

Call us today because parenting is the hardest job there is and we want you to have the resources, support, and tools you need to feel empowered in your important and demanding role.