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What Are You Feeling?

‘’Let’s be honest… life can be a train wreck at times! Cars break down, people get sick, events out of your control play out on the national and global stage. Loss, change, the unexpected… are all part and of this thing called life. It's easy to feel discouraged, overwhelmed, confused, and anxious. If any of these just described you, then...[ read more ]

What Do Your Boundaries Tell You About Your Relationships?

Boundaries are limits that create healthy relationships with others. When we fail to identify and express our limits in relationships we run the risk of getting involved in difficult, drama-filled, and chaotic relationships. These relationships are usually a roller coaster ride with weeks full of bliss followed by weeks of hell, mixed in with an intense breakup and a passionate...[ read more ]

ADHD: You’re Not Failing at Normal

What is ADHD? Dealing with adult ADHD can be difficult and frustrating. The symptoms can have a negative impact on learning, relationships, and work/life balance. If you are trying to cope with adult ADHD, remember you are not alone and it’s not a failed normal. There are over 10 million adults diagnosed with adult ADHD. Well into adulthood, symptoms of...[ read more ]

How are your Negative Core Beliefs controlling your life?

What Are Negative Core Beliefs? Negative core beliefs are long standing, negative views we have of ourselves.  In general, core beliefs are the stories we have in our head about ourselves, our lives  and the people around us. Core beliefs are the pieces that make up our sense of self, our judgments, and the ways in which we perceive the...[ read more ]

What Is An Attachment Style

Have you ever had a relationship where it felt like the two of you didn’t fit together well? Maybe you had different needs, expectations, communication styles, and ways of giving and receiving intimacy. It can be heartbreaking to be in a relationship that doesn’t mesh well. Many times relationships don’t work out for many reasons, but one aspect that most...[ read more ]

Understanding Social Anxiety

What is Social Anxiety? Most of us can feel nervous in new or high-pressure social situations; things like a first date, a job interview, a new school, etc.  It can be a little stressful when you don’t know what to expect or how things will play out. We might even feel a bit unsettled in our stomach–or get the  “butterflies”...[ read more ]

Why Can’t I Feel: Overcoming Emotional Numbness

What is emotional numbness? Have you ever felt like you can’t make sense of the world around you? Or like you’re spending all of your time going through the motions of life, not actually living it? You might feel isolated, confused, forgetful, zoned out, tired, or empty inside. Feeling this way is known as emotional numbness. When you feel emotionally...[ read more ]

Improving Communication With Your Teen: Move from Fighting to Understanding

Does this scenario sound familiar? You attempt to have a conversation with your teen and it quickly turns into an unpleasant situation? Your teen starts to shut down, or maybe they start yelling and spewing insults. Do you feel defeated and helpless when your teen makes statements like “you don’t understand me, you just don’t get it, I hate my...[ read more ]

Overcoming Low Self Esteem

How many times in the last month have you felt any of the following: Not good enough Helpless Guilty Awkward Unloveable Incompetent Pessimistic Shameful Undeserving of what you have Like a fraud Feeling this way doesn’t feel good, does it? It can be tough to break out of a spiral of negative and self-blaming thoughts. Many of these thoughts can...[ read more ]

The Inner Critic: The Destructive Inner Voice

Have you ever tripped up on your words in front of your boss, fell in front of someone or made a mistake on an important task at work? All of sudden you get a barrage of harsh thoughts that tells you things like “you’re so stupid” or “you’re not smart enough” or “you can’t do anything right”? This voice might...[ read more ]

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